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Well, because I’m an Australian they’re not unmentionable at all.  No beating around the bush here – they’re undies.  Or knickers.  But ewww, not panties.


Many years ago I did a Knit-wit stretch sewing course that included making your own undies.  Sadly I let those skills languish over the subsequent decades.  A year or so ago I bought a knicker kit here and some fold over elastic here with the aim of making some undies that met my specifications.  Yesterday I finally sewed up a pair from some left-over stretch fabric (you don’t need much fabric to make a pair of undies, even big undies like mine) and woohoo, they fit beautifully!

No, I won’t be modelling them for you, but I’ve worn them today and there is no VPL, they come up over my pot belly at the front rather than cutting it in half and enhancing the muffin top, and importantly no riding up at the back.  I’m sold – it’s home sewn undies for me!  Super quick, super easy, super comfy.  Maybe not super sexy…


18 thoughts on “Unmentionables

  1. They look great and meet all the criteria I require in undies too Lara.
    Maybe I should be getting that pattern next rather than another one for the girls.
    Can I ask is it fold-over-elastic that you have used?

  2. They look cute and comfy!

    So I’ve been reading some of your blog posts over the last couple of weeks and I’m not sure if I’ve posted any comments until today (though I have enjoyed reading) . Hope you don’t think it is weird that it took a pair of undies to make me type…but I have a couple of questions. Why not call them panties? and what is VPL?

    Several decades ago as an 11 yr old, I took a two week summer sewing class. The last three days of the class were to be devoted to the construction of underclothing. I feigned illness so my mother wouldn’t make me go.

  3. I just bought a pattern for some undies in the hopes of making the perfect fitting pair and with your success story these will be one of the first on my list when i get back to sewing. Thanks for the inspiration

  4. You will now have the grooviest boot-aay in Victoria!! Love the fabric. I’ve been considering making undies for my 4yr old daughter as all the ones we can find give her wedgies all day!! I thought I might use a Enid Gilchrist pattern I’ve got.

  5. I tried making undies at a workshop just before I gave birth (4 days in the end) my heart wasn’t in it I don’t think as they still haven’t got elastic sewn in them – I tried and tried to sew that darn elastic on and it is not as easy as it looks – very difficult actually! so well done – I am super impressed. Maybe I’ll have another go….

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