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Bedspread skirts

After seeing one of Clare’s little friends in a skirt made from chenille with bobble edging, I channeled my inner Eumundi Market (or is that my inner Byron Bay) and pulled out some old bedspread pieces.  Voila, a funky hippy skirt complete with fringe!

blue bedspread skirt

It took very little time to sew up a centre back seam and then turn over a casing for elastic at the top.

blue bedspread skirt

Clare wanted a shorter, straighter skirt as well. This one is from two pieces of chenille.

pink bedspread skirt

They are a bit of fun, and Clare likes them. I made a couple for Stella as well but she was asleep when I sewed them up and they’re too small – they’re about to become simple bags with the addition of handles and a seam along the bottom.

pink bedspread skirt

I have given away some extra bedspread pieces to one of my friends and suspect that soon there may be many of these being worn in the suburban parks and shopping centres near home.


8 thoughts on “Bedspread skirts

  1. No, can’t be your inner Eumundi because I was just there and they had nothing that cool. At all.

    You are a genius, that is obvious, but I have to admire your model. She really knows how to show off a skirt, doesn’t she?

    Such a talented family….

  2. How clever and adorable! Lucky Clare! Poor Stella! It’s been ages since I’ve seen a chenille bedspread (like 40 years, really!). But I see them all the time used for crafting, etc. I love the retro vibe.

  3. I love these bedspread skirts! I’m an excited newcomer to the refashioning world and I just can’t get enough of it. I’ve been so inspired by all the blogs out there, including yours. I just started a blog of my own hoping to connect with others doing the same thing and maybe inspire someone, too. I just posted an upcycled sweater hat tutorial. I hope you enjoy! I also have my first give away.

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