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Santa sacks

Mostly because I am lazy and greatly dislike wrapping any more Christmas gifts than absolutely necessary, I have made Santa Sacks for my girls.  Then the presents can all go into them unwrapped – because the sack is one giant wrapper.  Just helping out Santa, of course!

Santa sacks

I used Christmas themed fabric from Lincraft bought early last year when it had gone on sale for a ridiculously low price after Christmas. Each has an appliqued initial.

S for Stella (and Santa):
S is for Stella (and Santa)

C for Clare (and Christmas):
C is for Clare (and Christmas)

They close with a drawstring threaded through a casing in the contrast fabric. I didn’t use a pattern but just winged it when making these, which has resulted in them being rather large. Extremely large, actually. You get a better idea of how big these Santa Sacks are from this photo:

Santa Sacks

Yes, the girls fit into their Santa Sacks with room to spare. And after all, my girls are the perfect gift, Santa!


12 thoughts on “Santa sacks

  1. What a great idea! And they are the perfect presents!! Wink, wink!

    Seriously, now I think that I had better watch for those clearance sales on some wonderful new Christmas fabric! They would also be great just for keeping the presents together for delivery, or just to store until it’s time to put them out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE the sacks! What a great idea! So glad you took a picture of the girls with them so we could see how big they really are….marvelous!! You are such a good momma! 🙂

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