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I have been wanting to make an Advent Calendar for some time.  I found a great tutorial way back in July, ordered some fabric, then procrastinated.  Last week with the 1st December looming I made a start, and finished it last night just in time for Advent.

Advent Calendar

It’s a small quilt with pockets sewn in.  The fabrics are from a line called “Have a Sheri Berry Holiday”.  I used two charm packs and some yardage.

Advent Calendar

There are little pockets in the top corners on the back for a hanging rod to slip into.  I machine stitched the binding down since I figure that no-one is going to see the back.

Advent Calendar

The sashing is free motion quilted.  I still need to get better at doing this.  I reckon that I quilted it to within an inch of its life – the quilting lines could have been much further apart.  Machine applique also isn’t my forte. Anyway, the girls love it!

Advent begins


28 thoughts on “Advent

  1. That is so fantastic. I too love the tight quilting. It looks just perfect. I really love the colors you used too. I may have to change my plans for some charm packs I’ve been saving for a Christmas quilt. beautiful!

  2. That is a beautiful calendar! I want to learn to quilt, and you’ve inspired me to pull out my sewing machine and get going! I probably won’t do anything so nice, but maybe in time for next year! Great work.

  3. Really like your Advent Calendar Quilt. It looks beautiful, and it must feel good to have made it yourself. I probably shouldn’t tell you about our own advent calendar having seen your wonderful version – but I will. It’s last year’s set of Christmas penguins – each date has a separate little book with a rhyme to be hung on the Christmas tree. Although, as it’s last year’s, maybe like@dearmolly says about yours, that makes it a kind of heirloom. In a cheapy sort of way.

  4. Lara,
    I found your website through Sew Mama Sew’s Flickr group of holiday projects where you posted the pictures of your advent calendar! I was curious to see other versions of the calendar as I just finished the same one last week! Your’s is BEEEEEautiful!!! I love the fabric! I too used different fabric (truly a hodge podge of different lines) and tweaked the dimensions a bit to make the pockets a bit bigger but the overall size a bit smaller. I am just thrilled to have it finished. My three children love it and enjoyed their surprises in pocket #1 today! I am so new to this free motion quilting (this was actually my first one after practicing a bit on some qullt sandwiches) and I thought I was going to tear my hair out a few times. But, I have the bug and can’t wait to do something else!! Your quilting is beautiful…I love how tight it is…you should be very proud! Thank you for posting your photos and keep up the great work!

  5. OhMyGosh! I LOVE it! Everything about it! I even have some of those fabrics — aren’t they wonderful? And how adorable are you little girls sitting there next to it? You’re going to have some great fun with them and that calendar!

  6. Just a note in case you hadn’t noticed, the link to your tutorial… first paragraph, second sentence, first hyperlinked word… is broken.

    I’ll search for the topic online nonetheless, but yours is such a neato-mosquito post that it’d be great to have your link working.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas!

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