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Making a start on my Kaffe sampler

When I signed up to Around The Block I decided that as well as making the participant’s blocks each month I would make the same blocks in my own fabric.  Then at the end of the quilting bee I’d have a quilt incorporating everyone’s block designs, as well as the quilt that everyone else has made for me.  I started off by doing practice blocks from scraps.  Now I’ve made blocks from Kaffe Fassett fabric in the same basic designs as the ones I used for Kate’s blocks.  A straightforward log cabin block:

Kaffe Sampler Square 1 by you.

and a four-part log cabin block:

Kaffe Sampler Square 2 by you.

I like the windowpane effect.  These blocks are both 12.5″ square.  They look quite different to the blocks I made Kate, despite being the same basic design.  Neither block is perfect, but I figure that with colours and patterns so bold and dramatic it won’t matter too much in the final quilt.  Besides, I am trying to not focus so much on what is wrong in what I make but focus on what is right.  And I’m trying to apply that philosophy more broadly to life in general.  Approaching things from the glass half full perspective rather than glass half empty.

Tomorrow I’ll unveil what I made by the end of a marvellous afternoon under the tutelage of clever Kirsty.


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