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Patternless skirt and tunic

Still on some of the clothes I made while at Sewjourn, here is a patternless skirt, firstly on the hanger:

no pattern skirt by you.

and on me:

No pattern skirt #1 by you.

Neither of these photos do this skirt justice.  It moves beautifully, and the drape at the side flows and swings with each step.  Mine has a wide fold-over waistband from the same fabric, without elastic in it – I’ve got a pretty thick waist and this works just fine for me.  Nikki  has some basic instructions for how to make these skirts here.  I’m itching to make some more.

I also had a go at a cowl top under Nikki’s guidance.  The photo’s a shocker, but it gives you the idea.

No pattern cowl tunic #1 by you.

Nikki shows the basic design for these tops here.  So now I can make some shorter, wider, vary the sleeve shape, vary the depth of the cowl and maybe the width at the shoulders – so much fun to be had!  Check out this great version that Kathryn made.  And here is a stretch fabric scarf that I think would blend beautifully with these tops and skirts.  So many great ideas, and so little time.


11 thoughts on “Patternless skirt and tunic

  1. I love the loose structure of the top and skirt…’ve almost inspired me to make something for myself. If I didn’t have to clean my study just to get to my machine, I’d so be there right now..

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