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Saturday at Stitches and Craft

After the warmth and humidity of Friday, I think that the last thing we were expecting was the heavy cloud and rain that Saturday brought with it!  Lucky for Clare, my friend Megan and me we were all inside the halls at the Showground by 9.30am.  We started off with a general browse past the Incubator stands then Megan went off to watch Handmade Nation while Clare and I went to do a class with Jodie

Clare at Jodie's button ring and brooch workshop by you.

Clare had decided to learn to make button rings and brooches.  She had a ball (and so did I) – Jodie was lots of fun and the class was very friendly and productive.  Clare and I were even recognised from this blog by another class member, Karen!  Actually, I kept running into people I knew all day – from Brown Owls, from mother’s group, school mums, bloggers – it was almost surreal!

Button rings and brooches by you.

Clare chose all the button combinations herself and did most of the sewing too.  She did a great job!  She still says that this class was the most fun thing of the whole day.  Thanks again Jodie!

Jodie and Clare by you.

After lunch I found myself drawn to the Pear Tree Yarn stand.  I crocheted a scarf from their yarn last year, and it was so lovely and soft and cuddly to work with.  Clare laid her eyes on some pink yarn, and I just couldn’t refuse her request to crochet something for her.  I bought three skeins of 4 ply merino in the most perfect shade of pink.

Stitches and Craft purchases by you.

She also talked me into buying the felt flowers for her, and the kimono fabric/resin buttons at BBB beads were too pretty to resist.

I’ve been looking for 8 ply in a variety of colours to crochet a rug for each of the girls.  The Yarn Barn had a massive range of colours at really good prices, so Clare had a ball choosing which ones she wanted for her rug, keeping in mind the colours of fabric I’ve already bought to make quilts.  She’s got a bit of a knack for it!

Blanket yarn from Yarn Barn by you.

I’m going to crochet a Wool Eater Blanket for Clare and a Ripple Blanket for Stella.  Both to coordinate with the quilts I haven’t made yet.  But here is the yarn with the fabric!

Yarn and fabric to become blankets and quilts by you.

I get the feeling that I’m spending more time planning and preparing for projects than participating and being productive…

We didn’t end up leaving the show until 3.30pm!  Clare made her grandma a get-well card at the Crayola stand, we looked at all the people having a crafty time at the craft bars, and wished that we had more time to do more classes and take part in everything that it had to offer.  Megan and I had a great time chatting and catching up with one another’s news, and we all left tired but happy and inspired.  I am kicking myself a little that I didn’t buy some fat quarters from Ink and Spindle and Kelani Fabric – but hey, there’s a sale coming up at Amitie this Friday!  Kevin does want us to stimulate the economy, after all…

15 thoughts on “Saturday at Stitches and Craft

  1. how cute is that Clare of yours with those glasses and the cropped fringe. Nice to see their talent developing isn’t it. I love it when my girls share in my crafting with me.

    You picked up some lovely fabrics

  2. Clare has a real eye for colour!

    Love your quilt fabric and yarn combos. Ambitious, yet I know given time we’ll see something amazing!

    I missed a place at the next brown owls. Wasn’t aware we had to keep checking the site for an announcement, but now I know. We’ll meet one day:)

  3. ooh, Clare is just a chip off the block, if I might say. Looks like she may be headed in the direction of the next gen of designers. Warms my heart to see all this lovely craftiness you share with her, and friends.

  4. Gah! If I get to do all this with my daughter I will be thrilled! Actually I could probably do it with my son too, come to think of it. I always think of the craft show as a day out without the kids, but you’ve changed my thinking a little on that.

    Oh and the yarn, fabric combination? Drool!!!

  5. OMG Clare is the absolute image of you Lara!!!! It looks like you just had a terrific time at theshow! I feel quite pathetic … all I did was talk Sharon’s ear off all day :). Looking forward to Amitie Friday!

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