The “Unfortunately” meme

I’ve seen this meme around a little lately, and couldn’t resist. All you do is google “unfortunately, yourname” and see what comes up! Some of my favourites:

Unfortunately, Lara was a player who did not get the honours she deserved.

Unfortunately, Lara, much to her disappointment, was stranded in Mauritius.

Unfortunately, Lara’s behaviour seems to be deteriorating.

Unfortunately Lara already knew that this was too good to be true so she worried.

Unfortunately Lara has the stone with Natla in her entity form trapped.

Unfortunately Lara is dead quiet as well.

Unfortunately Lara has stated that the lesson to be learned is to think before you post pictures on the web.

Unfortunately Lara cut her finger near the tip with a bread knife whilst doing some splicing.

Unfortunately, Lara has no core data to support or corroborate any relationship between the local tectonic overprint on the resulting sedimentary facies

Unfortunately, Lara has encountered it before, so it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Unfortunately, Lara’s landing is rather violent and while she lies unconsious, she is captured by the guards and thrown into a prison cell

Unfortunately, Lara isn’t quite ready to play soccer here.

Unfortunately, Lara is a busy girl and is currently off on a tomb raiding expedition searching for some lost artifact or another

Unfortunately Lara is coming and we both hate each other.

Unfortunately, Lara never completed the class; her pimp caught wind of the plan, and before the week was out she was back working the streets

Unfortunately, Lara called me days later explaining the same symptoms to me; she, too, had been consumed by my room’s bed bugs!

Unfortunately, Lara screamed, which Farmer Maggot apparently heard, and they heard more rustling coming from their right.

Unfortunately Lara did not complete her placement as island party life proved to be too hectic

Unfortunately, Lara’s family had taken the pureblood idea a bit too far in the generations before her, causing odd genetic abnormalities to crop up in the bloodline.

Unfortunately, Lara thought he was trying to escape, and pulled him back in with her tongue.

Unfortunately Lara has never honored her own request.

And because this is a craft blog, here is what the girls got up to yesterday:

The girls sorting out the craft squares by you.

sorting out chenille squares for me to join into patchwork cushion covers.  Sewing them together is on my to-do list for this afternoon!


7 thoughts on “The “Unfortunately” meme

  1. I just love this meme … saw it last night and this is what I found for me that cracked me up! Unfortunately, Kellie is an alcoholic who is systematically destroying the family finances with her Ebay habit!

    You left the most beautiful comment about me on TCB that it brought a tear to my eye … thanks Lara. I’m pleased we’ve meet and are lucky enough to live so close to eachother! Looking forward to next week … although there has got to be a whole lot of house cleaning between now and then!!!!

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