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Crochet project roll tutorial

There has just been a tutorial for a crochet project roll posted over here on the Sew, Mama, Sew!  blog – and it’s written by me!

Crochet project roll - closed by you.

I have used a few different crochet hook roll and knitting needle roll tutorials in the past, and for this one I have taken all the bits that work well for me and combined them together into my own design (I doubt that I have reinvented the wheel).  This roll has been in use for a couple of weeks now, and I love it!

Crochet project roll - open by you.

The exterior fabric (the golden raindrops) is designed and hand printed by Lara Cameron and is available from Ink and Spindle.  The binding fabric and interior lining fabric are from the “Every Iota” range for Robert Kaufman (prints D#6603 and D#6604), which I suspect are a couple of seasons old by now.  Aren’t they great!

So go on over and check out my tutorial – or if you’ve come here from there, a big hello and welcome! 


6 thoughts on “Crochet project roll tutorial

  1. What a beautiful roll you’ve done a lovely job on it. I have to admit that you give me so much inspiration in your blog, thank you so much for keeping up with it. I’ve used several of your ideas to make projects of my own.

    I just finished making the swirls cap for a young girl in our church who lost her hair to chemo treatments and for the same girl I did a couple of crochet squares of sedge stitch which I picked up from the wash cloths you made, these were put into a lap blanket amongst other donated blocks.

    I ended up having to put the blocks together for another lap blanket for another cancer survivor in our church so I turned to your links from the post you did on joining the CAL blocks together (flat braid) so you see you’ve provided lots of inspiration for me and I’m sure that lots of others have used your ideas as well so a big heartfelt THANK YOU!


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