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Divine hats

The temperature got to 46.4 degrees C today.  So why am I showing you winter beanies?  There is absolutely no logic to it.  These are crocheted from the Divine Hat pattern.  I made them a couple of weeks ago, while we were away on holidays, in another heatwave.  My mission was to use up some leftover balls of yarn while testing out a new pattern.

Firstly, in Patons Jet:

IMG_7881 by you.

I love the spiral going down this hat.  It is a really easy pattern, with a repeat that is easily memorised, and only took about two hours to work up.  The crocheted ribbing around the bottom is effective too.  I did run out yarn with about four stitches left to go – and I’m going to leave it that way.  I’ll just made sure that the gap is at the back.

IMG_7878 by you.

I also had a couple of balls of Patons Zhivago leftover from Stella’s Baby Blues dress and my Fat Bottom Bag

IMG_7872 by you.

I made up the patterns for the flowers, determined to use up every last scrap of this yarn.

IMG_7870 by you.

I left off the last row of ribbing, as in this yarn it was generously sized. 

This pattern looks great on either gender (maybe without the flowers for the boys).  I now have another SIX of these to make!  One for each of my girls, one for my cousin Freya (hers will be  black with loads of colourful flowers attached) amd one for each of Freya’s three boys.  Will I be quite so enamoured of the pattern by the time I am done? 


8 thoughts on “Divine hats

  1. To answer your question: probably not. But you should be! Those hats are lovely, and the different wools really give it a new feel each time. I do thnk my favourite is the last one, with the flowers – and I can’t wait to see this black one with flowers.

    You’re inspiring me to ask: what’s the best way to learn crochet?

  2. Great Hats! Love the spirally pattern to them! They look all toasty warm and cozy to me right now considering we still have a bit of snow left here and there and it is pretty cold those bathing suits in your last post made me shiver!

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