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Carry-all bag

Poor Nikki has been desperately trying to get this bag pattern released before Christmas, and has just been waiting on final feedback from her testers – um, one of them is me.  But yes, now it’s done!  I have made my Carry-all Bag and within about two hours of completion I was carrying it around.

Carry-all by you.

This bag can hold a huge amount of stuff – which is great for me, because my minimum amount of stuff is glasses case (with my prescription sunglasses, Clare’s sunglasses and Stella’s sunglasses), mobile phone, filofax, purse, cosmetic pouch (with panadol, bandaids, nail file etc – no actual cosmetics in it!) and generally also nappies, wipes, bib, facecloth, water bottle, snacks … you get the general idea?  Anyway, back to the bag …

The fabric was gifted from the generous and talented Kirsty at Brown Owls a month or two ago.  Speaking of Brown Owls, they’re featured in the latest issue of Frankie!  Congratulations Pip on a great interview. 

Carry-all and Frankie by you.

The bag closes with a zippered gusset.   The flap is just for looks, because with the zippered gusset I didn’t need it to be functional as a closure. It is piped and has a decorative O-ring attached. 

Carry-all flap detail by you.

My version of the bag has two handles, attached with O-rings.  There is a pocket on the back which has a sew-in magnet to keep it closed.  Luckily for me the fabric came complete with top-stitching, and I made it a feature along the top of the exterior pocket and the gusset.

Carry-all back by you.

Inside the bag are a zippered pocket and a compartment pocket.  The insides of bags are really hard to photograph!  I included a key leash as well, sewn into the side seam between the facing and the lining.  I figure that with a bag this size I need to maximise my ability to find my keys!

Carry-all zip pocket by you.

All the supplies (interfacings, fusible wadding, O-rings, zipper pull, magnetic catch, etc) are all from Nicole Mallalieu Design.  This pattern has loads of variations.  It’s not for beginners, as you need to be confident sewing curved pieces to straight pieces, but is incredibly versatile and as always Nikki explains the bag construction in fantastic detail.  You can finally tick this one off your list now Nikki!

9 thoughts on “Carry-all bag

  1. where do you find the time?!!!!

    this is SO BEAUTIFUL Lara! Fabric choice as always is devine! I seriously want to bump my already cut out nappy bag up my UFO list, but I’m worried it will never turn out like your wonderful bags.


    SO so sorry to throw things like that at you at short notice and AT CHRISTMAS TIME (!!). You really are a super-trouper and as always a fabulously talented sewing chick. Thanks for your fabulous feedback and for this post.

  3. Its lovely – apart from the beautiful prints you have used, I love the details like the piping. (Now I just have to work out whether I could justify procuring another of Nikki’s patterns … when I have three hats cut out and three different bag patterns queued up for the holidays!)

  4. HI! I just found your blog via Nicole’s blog a few days ago. I just wanted to let you know that your bags as fabulous! Your fabric choices are absolutely gorgeous and I can see your work is very professional. Thanks for the reviews on Nicole’s bags and purses and all the other patterns. They are really inspirational. I am crazy about sewing and make all sorts of things, but mostly bags and more recently, purses with metal frames. I will be visiting more regularly now that I found your blog!

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