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An evening with Amy

Last night I headed off to the Sofitel with Nikki to hear Amy Butler speak.  After snaffling some canapes and white wine, we were ushered into a room that had many of her beautiful fabrics and products on display. 

Amy Butler Nov 08 038 by you.

There was even a little goody bag containing a couple of free patterns. 

Amy Butler Nov 08 019 by you.

Amy was delightful.  The fomat of the evening was a combination of question and answer and a slideshow where Amy talked us through her design philosophy and process.  Questions were also taken from the floor – I think that one came from Danielle.  Amy was humble, gracious, beautiful and very easy to listen to.  At the end she happily signed books, posed for photographs and chatted.

Amy Butler Nov 08 030 by you.

Did I mention that Amy is also very tall?  6 feet tall, and wearing high heels.  Lucky for me we were sitting for this photo or I would have been up to her navel.

Amy Butler Nov 08 034 by you.

The other terrific part about the evening was getting to meet up with lots of lovely bloggers.  Sharon, Justine, Nichola, FiLouise, CathyJan, Kitty Baroque (I still don’t know her real name!), and lovely Blogless Kerry, who provided all these photos (since I forgot my camera)!  I apologise now to anyone I have left out – oh, Leanne from Kimono House was there too, I spotted Rosalie Quinlan and Melanie Hurlston through the crowd and I think I saw Jhoanna as well.  Name tags with our real names and our blog names would have been handy.

Amy Butler Nov 08 037 by you.

Afterwards Nikki, Jan, Kerry and I headed up to the 35th floor of the Sofitel for champagne (for the others) and coffee (for me).  Lots more crafty chatter, and overall a very successful evening!

10 thoughts on “An evening with Amy

  1. You lucky puss. I’ve always wanted to be in the same room as Amy and to look at her lovely offerings. You must have a wonderfully understanding husband. My husband Phil wonders what it’s all about. But I think yours appreciates the wonders of good fabrics and crafting, and sounds like a great support. What was he doing while you were enjoying canapes with Amy? Looking after your two gorgeous daugthers no doubt. Keep up the good work. Go girl.

  2. Terrific work Thornberry. Amy is terrific. I must say, I agree with Phillie. Your husband must be a true champion. My ex-husband sold my elna press on ebay without telling me and never supported my sowing endeavours. Love the blog site.

  3. My wife Phillie has told me about your website and I have to say it is very good. I was interested in your link to your brothers fishing site.Phillie and I live on a ranch in Washington State and I go wild trout fishing while she sews up a storm! I wonder if your husband is interested in fishing. Here’s a link I think he would perhaps like
    keep up the good work!!!

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