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Happy Birthday Ruthie!

My friend Jane’s youngest daughter Ruth turned three years old today.  So I made a little badge to announce her birthday to the world.

Ruthie's 3rd birthday badge by you.

I also made her a pillowcase dress.

Ruth's Pillowcase dress by you.

I am really on a roll with these, having made three in the past two days!  There are plenty of tutorials around for pillowcase dresses.  I’ve used a few different ones in the past and have now worked out how I best like to make them.  Once I’ve written up the tutorial for the cup day skirt I’ll do a pillowcase dress one as well (both are really just variations on a theme).  I’m hoping to have them done before the end of next week.

Happy 3rd Birthday Ruth!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ruthie!

  1. I think any three-year-old would be pleased as punch with that badge. And the pillowcase dress is really pretty. (I’m in search of things to make boys with pillowcases …. I think its going to have to be shorts!)

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