I picked the winner!

Of Project Runway Australia, that is. I’ve just finished watching the grand finale on YouTube – we don’t have cable, so I’m a couple of days late. Now if that doesn’t get me inspired to sew some clothes, I don’t know what will! Had you noticed that the crafting has slowed down a little here lately? Watching telly instead of sewing, that’s been my problem! Now that Project Runway is finished, I’ve got another “free” hour each week. Then again, I’ve also been reading instead of sewing/crafting – we read John Marsden’s “Tomorrow, when the war began” for my book group last month, and since then I’ve been reading the rest of the series.  Absolutely addictive!  It really cuts into my crafting/sewing time.  And my ironing time – the ironing pile is officially huge!

A couple of people asked me what the little curved purses were in the background of some of my recent photos – they’re Puff purses, just waiting for their frames. I’ve got another two cut out ready to sew as well. And three shower caps, following Hoppo Bumpo’s excellent tutorial. And a skirt for Clare. And a bag for Clare for Christmas. Surely there are other UFO’s lurking upstairs in the pile.

Well, that’s enough from me! See what drivel I can type when I’ve had a glass and a half of red after a long day at work. Kids are asleep, Project Runway was most satisfying, so time to go and chat to hubby.

Goodnight everyone!

4 thoughts on “I picked the winner!

  1. I remember that book from highschool!!! we had to study it and you know what it’s like, even if a book is good, if you are made to study it you would rather rub orange juice into paper cuts than see it again lol

  2. I like watching Project Runway too. We get the UK and US series. Some of the designers are just so good and others you think well I can’t think of anyone who would wear it or would suit it. 🙂

    I know the feeling with the ironing. I think that’s why I’m skiving on the computer. LOL

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