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This is … my trade secret

This is almost a week late – my apologies!  Life has been getting in the way this week, as they say.  I have really enjoyed reading what other people’s trade secrets are – lots of fantastic tips!  My trade secret – ironing and pressing.

This is ... my trade secret by you.

You HAVE to have the iron on and do lots of pressing when you’re sewing, whether it be sewing clothes or bags.  You need lots of steam.  You need a good pressing cloth.  You also need a good ironing board with padding that still allows the steam to pass through and a snug cover (my cover is a Fitz Like A Glove cover, and the pressing cloth and board padding also come from Interface Australia – I highly recommend their service and products, and no, I have no affiliation other than being a happy customer!).  A spray bottle of water can also be handy, as are pressing tools like tailors hams for getting into those tricky areas.  I also have a mini ironing board.

This is ... my trade secret by you.

Dad made this one for me.  It is incredibly handy for pressing children’s clothes and getting into other awkward small places when sewing.

Looking at these photos I realise that I need a new ironing board cover!  I have been a little naughty and have fused fabrics without putting another cloth down first, so this one is a bit grubby.  Another trade secret – make sure that you cover your ironing board with a second cover when you are using anything fusible!  I drooled over a super duper ironing board and iron combination at the Quilt & Craft Fair recently – maybe when I have a spare $2K I might consider buying one …

6 thoughts on “This is … my trade secret

  1. That’s a great trade secret. I saw a tip on another blog somewhere where they put baking paper down to protect the ironing board cover when fusing.
    I used it last week when I was ironing some vliesofix and it seemed to work great. (not sure how practical it would be with large pieces though).

  2. Yep the iron MUST be at the ready & I had to make a new cover for my ironiing board the other day for the same reason. I do need to buy a pressing cloth though, thanks for the reminder!

  3. Absolutely, positively agree with you on all fronts there…. and my ironing board cover is a mess, too.

    You reminded me that I should have mentioned the sleeve board… an absolute MUST for bag-making, I think.

  4. LARA,

    Greetings from rural Australia.

    Thank you so much for showcasing The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover and Best Boy Pressing Cloth. Some of your readers have already visited my website and I’ve received one order that specifically mentioned your blog ‘thornberry’.

    Lara, this is how you help us grow. And I’m delighted to read that you’re a very happy customer. That does bring a smile to my face. If I can ever help you in return, please let me know.

    Take care,


    Carol Jones
    Interface Pty Ltd
    Designers & Makers Since 1994
    Post Office Box 139
    Kandos NSW 2848
    Tel: 02 63 58 85 11
    Fax: 02 63 58 85 10
    Our simple design solutions make every product a joy to use. Visit our website at and judge for yourself.

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