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Teardrop Purse

Remember the Puff Purse?  Here is its big sister – the Teardrop Purse!

Teardrop purse - front by you.

I know I’ve said it before, but I love being a pattern tester for Nicole Mallalieu Design!  This purse goes together beautifully, and as Miss Clare said “it’s just like the little purse, only bigger”.  Although this one has a handle.  The handle on mine is still waiting for two beads to finish it off – it’s just pinned together at the moment – but because I know it will be a while before I get to the shops to buy the beads I decided that it was “blog finished” (I love that phrase – thanks Jodie!) and I would show it off anyway.  The other side:

Teardrop purse - back by you.

The inside:

Teardrop purse - open by you.

The pattern is extremely well drafted, although it’s not for novice sewers.  I love the tiny seed beads that are sewn to the frame, and the instructions for making the rouleau tube handle were excellent.  Another triumph Nikki!

Teardrop purse - sides by you.

The fabric is from the Chocolate Lollipop range by Anna Maria Horner.  It’s such beautiful quality to work with!  I fused a layer of interfacing and a layer of wadding to the outer fabric, but didn’t use any on the lining.  There is also a layer of fast-to-fuse inside the centre panel of the purse to provide support and structure.  Nikki is giving away a kit for this purse on her blog at the moment, so leave her a comment and you might be lucky!  August is her blog month of bag-making tutorials, so keep an eye on it for terrific hints and tips.

There is also a fabric voucher giveaway happening over at Kimono Reincarnate and if you are quick Boutique NutMeg Designs has a giveaway to win a gorgeous bag.  Wow, there are so many generous bloggers out there!

17 thoughts on “Teardrop Purse

  1. Very well made bag. Just caught up and love the pics of the airer. My mother’s airer was my horse, as was the arm of the sofa and anything else I could use. I was horsey mad from as soon as I could walk to the field at the bottom of my Nana’s garden and feed the horses there.

    Such lovely pics and what a smile!

  2. I will be getting that kit as soon as it’s on the website; I feel like it’s been forever since she teased us with a peek at it! Just this morning yet one more person oohhed and aahhed over my Snap purse and asked me if I sell them! That feels really good! You did a lovely job and I envy your being a guniea pig for Nikki!

  3. Just terrific. Has colour,shape, design, all combined to perfection. You have making bags down to a fine art. I love the handle, where can I get one?
    Sorry I do not know what URI means.

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