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Look, I can climb!

Warning:  lots of photos of cute daredevil child.  No craft, sewing or crochet in this post!

Up I go by you.

And you thought that this was for drying clothes on?  It makes a much better climbing frame!

Look, I can climb! by you.

The world looks great from up here!  But wait, there are more rungs.

How high can I go? by you.

Is this high enough?

I can hang by you.

Daddy thinks I look a bit like a baby orangutang with my red hair and sticking-out ears, so I’d better start hanging by my arms.

Two fairy princesses by you.

Back to playing fairy princesses!

4 thoughts on “Look, I can climb!

  1. I thought that I had trouble with my little boy!!! I thought all of the climbing was just a boy thing – up on the bench, dining table etc but that deserves a medal. Maybe you have a little Olympic gymnast in training.

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