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Puff purse

Oh I do like being a pattern tester for Nicole Mallalieu Design!  The pattern for the Puff purse arrived in the mail on Wednesday – by Thursday night it was finished – I just couldn’t help myself.

The outer fabrics are from the ones that Ravenhill sent me.  I’m really enjoying using them; thanks again!  Other supplies, including the frame, interfacing and wadding, came from Nicole Mallalieu Design – oh, except the seed beads.  They were in the stash but I think they were originally from Spotlight.  The lining fabric was from my stash.

And guess what – there is a larger, hand-bag sized version of this pattern coming up soon as well – I managed a sneak peek today when I dropped in to Nikki’s studio to pick up some more frames and other supplies.  Fingers crossed that I get to test that pattern too!

I can see many more of these little purses in my future.  They fit into the palm of your hand, and are a terrific way to feature small pieces of fabric.  It took me about two and a half hours to make from start to finish, albeit in half-hour bursts fitted in around the kid’s activities.  I think that this pattern is about ready to roll off the presses, so keep an eye on Nikki’s blog or website if you would like one.

16 thoughts on “Puff purse

  1. Wow it came out great. I love the little seed bead addition to the frame. I just love those Nicole M. patterns. I have pattern tested before and I just love the thrill! To see someone elses baby come to life by my hands, just love it!

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