Life begins at 40

To celebrate turning 40 I got my hair cut short.

At the back it is REALLY short!  I am quite happy to be turning 40, maybe because I am very happy with where my life is at.  I am a bit stunned that I have been an adult for over half my life, and also a little stunned that I am possibly half way through my life.  But overall – it’s great to be 40!  Happy birthday to me!

26 thoughts on “Life begins at 40

  1. Happy happy day to you! I’ll be 40 in two years, so glad to hear it’s a good place to be 🙂
    Love the hairdo. Just cut all mine off about the same length. Very easy and chic!

  2. Lara, Many many happy returns – I hope you have a great weekend. I know you have been super-busy lately so I hope you get a chance to relax.
    You are looking good in that new do. Such a great happy photo!

  3. Great to eat, dring and be merry with you today. Even more impressed with Stella’s satchel in the flesh than in the pictures.

    Many happy returns …and sorry Rosie ate so many cupcakes.

  4. Happy birthday to my favourite blog stalker! I had no idea you were turning 40! I seriously thought you were a few years younger than me.

    The hair looks just fantastic. It really suits you. I’m glad you love it too!

  5. Happy Birthday Lara!! – I think that having young children at our age is a fantastic way to forgot that we are passing into middle age ( I can’t believe that I am even saying those words) – Love the Haircut – you look very swish. I hope you had a fantastic day

  6. When I turned 40, I too, had no problem with it! But 50 is all of a sudden so close and I hate that it’s bothering me!!! I just feel far too young to be middle aged! A new haircut is such a fun thing to do, you truly look younger than 40. BTW I found you at Nikki’s web site and I’ve seen your work on her Flickr. I wondered who this Thornberry person was who made such nice purses. Now I know!

  7. Happy 40th. I really do hope life begins at 40 as I turn 40 in September. It is funny how you think differently too, and realise how quickly life goes by and wonder just how much you have left too. I wouldnt want to relive my life over, apart from having my children little again, but I am happy where I am at. Your haircut looks nice too. I always feel much better after having my hair done, like being renewed.

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