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Crochet hook roll

Since I have recently upgraded my crochet tools with two new sets, a set of bamboo hooks and a set of Clover Soft Touch hooks (both bought via eBay), I thought that they deserved a nice new hook roll all of their own!

I think that the outer fabric is by Michael Miller (but I could be wrong); the binding is some of the many metres I made with fabric from Spotlight.

The interior fabrics are a mixture of Alexander Henry’s Birdseed fabric, Moda’s Summer in the City stripe, and the Spotlight floral.  I used a layer of Pellon fusible wadding inbetween the lining and outer fabric.  The roll is based on this tutorial

I learned a big lesson while making this roll – listen to my instincts.  I made a one to two hour sewing project into a five hour one.  Voice inside my head says to apply the binding by hand.  I ignored it and tried to apply the binding by just wrapping it around the edges, then machine sewing it into place.  Disastrous – wonky sewing that didn’t catch the binding on both sides.  Time to unpick, stitch by stitch.  Second try – sewed the binding to the outside by machine.  That went fine.  Then while ignoring the voice inside my head that says to apply the binding by hand I wrapped the binding around to the inside and pinned it all into place to machine sew it down.  Finished result – wonky stitching once again that wasn’t all stitched in the ditch on the other side.  Time to unpick, stitch by stitch.  Sit down, watch a movie, and handsew the binding into place.  Much, much better.  Don’t ignore the nagging voice.


11 thoughts on “Crochet hook roll

  1. Very nice. It is nice to have somewhere special to put your treasured tools. I have just bought one of the clover hooks myself and I can see why you got the whole set!

  2. Love the fabric choices! They’re a great combination.

    It’s funny, my next post was going to contain a bitch about binding. It’s the first time I’ve used it and it was a disaster! Everything was so thick as well so my maching spat the dummy and handsewing it seems a bit scary… time for me to unpick and try again..

  3. It only takes once or twice to do this with binding before you realise that the hand binding looks the best. I quilt and it takes a lot of effort when you’re doing a queen-sized binding but nothing can beat the look of doing it by hand so thats what I do.


  4. Very lovely crochet hook roll. I don’t have many hooks [just starting my collection] but they are very unattractively in a plastic baggie.

    I don’t think I’ve seen bamboo crochet hooks at my local craft store. I would love bamboo ones. Great collection!

  5. I need new hooks, too, but have been dragging my feet. Seeing yours all tucked into their new home is very motivating. 🙂 Right now mine are in a cup on the bookshelf and get routinely misplaced by my children.
    One quick question: where did you get your labels from? I’ve been looking for some like that and not finding them. Thanks!

  6. I love what fabrics you’ve chosen here… They look great, very motivating!!! LOL… I think I might have to try and make one of these for myself, thanks for the link to the tutorial..

  7. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I’ve been thinking about making a crochet hook roll and you saved me from having to figure it all out on my own.

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