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(to the Aeroplane jelly tune) “I like Z&S fabrics . . .”

Z & S fabrics for me!  They had another sale.  Thanks Nikki for enabling that one for me!  Two little parcels, each tied with fabric (I have been piecing together the fabric used to tie the parcels – when it’s a large enough piece I hope to make something interesting from it).

In this stash, from left to right:

Tina Givens for Westminster Rowan; Freshcut by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit; Iota by Robert Kaufman.  I have one yard of each of these.  The Freshcut will become clothes for Stella.  The Iota fabrics may become incorporated into my Brown Owls tote or uniform somehow.

This range is Utopia from Free Spirit.  I have two yards of each.  A few different plans floating around in my head for these ones.  And to finish off, yarn swatches from Live 2 Knit.

This Melbourne lady does beautifully dyed yarn on different fibres and weights of wool.  They look so gorgeous on her website, I couldn’t resist getting shade cards.  I have way more plans than I could ever make real!

3 thoughts on “(to the Aeroplane jelly tune) “I like Z&S fabrics . . .”

  1. Deep breath… deep breath… I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE FABRIC….. (I have most of those prints already, BUT NOT IN THOSE FANTASTIC COLOURWAYS….!!) Calm… calm…. I must use what I have…

    It’s great to get a big bunch of inspiration tied up with a bow, isn’t it?

  2. Glad you love our fabric!one correction, in second photo you state “Iota by free spirit” when its actually not iota in photo. Thanks for the mention!

    Robert KAUFMAN fabrics

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