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Belle bag

I have been wanting to make this little bag for ages!  Actually, it’s not so little, and it looks way better in three dimensions than it does in the photos.  So cute!

This is the Belle bag by Nicole Mallalieu Design. The fabric is from the Amy Butler Nigella line for Westminster Rowan fabrics.

The top of the bag closes with magnetic closures – one from facing to facing between the handles, and another on the side tabs.  These give it that puffball shape.  It is actually very roomy inside.

The pattern lined up nicely underneath the bag to give this lovely star effect.  More good luck than good management.

The bag outer has light-medium weight woven interfacing and a layer of thin fusible wadding.  This fabric is a beautiful weight to work with.  I don’t have any more of it left now, but wouldn’t hesitate to get more – such good quality in beautiful designs. 

The handles & magnetic catches also came from Nikki.

I had my first visit to Brown Owls last night – it was such a terrific evening!  Great company, lots of giggles, very well organised, terrific venue, lovely projects, and overall a wonderful group.  Now I need to book in to attend more!

12 thoughts on “Belle bag

  1. Cute bag! I love the way you’ve lined up the fabric to form a star. Lucy Boston (more famous for her Green Knowe books) played with her quilts in the same way using the same fabric to make different patterns. It is a beautiful shape too.

  2. I love that bag. I’m a bit in love with all bags at the moment and just want to keep making more and more. It’s a bit of an addiction I think. You’ve done a superb job of matching up that fabric – a great job.

  3. Nice to meet you at Brownies the other night Lara – have admired you from a far for ages…
    and I think I have mastered Bloglines and as you said, what a time saver. My life will never be the same!

  4. Yes, love the bag – I want one for my Tracey-Anne, who just loves bags. Can I get one in blue and white?? Your work is exquisite Lara.

  5. What an amazing job you have done matching the fabrics up in this bag! I found this post via Nicole’s website (just love her bags) but I have been reading your blog and aren’t you lucky getting a special art smock made by Kellie!

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