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Refashioned – pants into skirt

Remember this pair of pants?

Embroidered by me, worn by me quite a few times about ten years ago.  Not at all in style or my style anymore, but I couldn’t bear to get rid of them.  So finally – they’re a skirt!

I cut both legs off, cut them in half vertically, squared them up, then sewed them together to form a skirt with an elasticised casing waist.

So much better on Clare than on me!  And the left over “shorts” have now become running shorts for my husband (since they’re not worn for very long and he’s not too embarassed to wear bright turquoise shorts in public – what a tolerant man)!


12 thoughts on “Refashioned – pants into skirt

  1. That skirt is devine. I want to be a little girl again so I can wear it.. You are clever. I’m glad you liked my African Violet post. My favourite Aunty used to grow them very well, and she has also passed on, so I like to grow them in memory of her. I am determined to get them all flowering like she did.

  2. Pure genius hun! Suit her too. I think I’m that un-fashion conscious that I would’ve worn the trousers this year. I love embroidered things. So are you making her the matching handbag out of the left overs? LOL I love this site

  3. Lara – that is fantastic that you were able to recycle the pants – It would of seemed such a waste to get rid of them – Your daughter can show off your talents and all her little friends will probably be wishing they could have a skirt like that too – Thanks for the birthday wishes, I am much better – won’t be scaring any customers away tomorrow. Cheers Tania

  4. Gosh, that’s clever, and looks like it was always meant to be a skirt. The whole outfit is so cut and works so well, and the embroidery is just lovely!

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