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More patterns

I won another bag pattern!  This one is from the lovely Tania at Jet Designs.  She also runs Jet Music & Books, which is where I’ve bought my Melly & Me patterns.

Thanks so much Tania!  She is running another bag pattern giveaway on her blog at the moment, so head over and leave a comment to be in the running.

These patterns arrived last week from Montessori by hand.

I have read through the bag instructions, and they appear to be comprehensive and easy to follow, with plenty of photo to help.  It includes full sized pattern pieces (I prefer this when I buy a pattern) and seems to have been well tested – the bag materials list includes good interfacings and structure.  I’m really looking forward to making both patterns.  Have you gathered that I have a bit of a pattern obsession/collection?  And at the moment many of them are bag patterns!

I did make this doorstop the other day, using the tutorial from Oh, Fransson!

This is the quick and easy version – no nine-patch, no quilting – mainly because I really needed a doorstop!  I love these ones filled with beans/rice/wheat, because they don’t hurt if you stub your toe on them and because Stella can’t hurt herself playing with them.  And they look good!  The feature fabric is a bit of Amy Butler Nigella fabric.


4 thoughts on “More patterns

  1. oh my! I never thot of making a doorstop….I always use something like…. a piece of driftwood or a brick or a folding chair. By the way I love your blog, I found it last May (spring for us here in Washington State USA) just before you had your baby. 🙂 I was googling… yep, you guessed it….”bags”! I’ve followed off and on, but the last couple weeks I’m addicted! Guess I have year-end bookwork I need to do, but am proscrastinating. You’ve inspired me to start a blog myself and inspired me to get going on projects. You get soooo much done!! peggyann

  2. Those doorstops are great. You inspired me with your last one to whip one up for our kitchen door – I copied the idea visually rather than followed the tutorial. It’s FANTASTIC!!! I used a mixture of every dried legume I could find in the pantry to fill it (beans, lentils of ever colour… probably a bit of rice thrown in too…!) and it’s the perfect weight. And the strap on the top can be lifted with a FOOT while you’re juggling bags of shopping, babies etc. Toes can’t be stubbed on it and babies can’t pinch fingers under it…. brilliant.

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