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Freya’s Fabulous Fortieth Dress

When I saw this fabric at Darn Cheap Fabrics, I knew that I had to make the Simplicity 3867 dress from it.

And for what better occasion than Freya’s Fabulous Fortieth!  The fabric is a silk/cotton blend.  Although I have been sewing clothing for myself for many years, I’ve often not been very happy with fit.  I’ve been reading lots of books (and blogs) about fitting clothes properly, and have finally realised what changes I need to make to the patterns that I’m using.  I’ve been making many things a size too big, corresponding with my bust measurement, which has made them fit too loosely around the upper chest and shoulders.  Solution?  Make a size smaller, corresponding to my upper bust measurement, and then do a full bust adjustment to the pattern piece. 

Here’s the finished dress (finished only a few hours before the party, of course).

I lined the skirt, using what looks like a lightweight taffeta from the stash (I think it came from the stash a friend’s mother passed on to me when she moved into a retirement village).  Although I constructed the skirt lining separately to the skirt, I then basted them together around the top and treated them as one when doing the pleats and sewing the skirt to the bodice.  Instead of inserting a lapped zipper as per the instructions, I used an invisible zipper.  The bodice is lined with a thin cotton from the stash. 

And how did it fit and look on me? 

I thought that I scrubbed up pretty well!  The dress was comfortable all evening and fitted properly.  And have I mentioned how exciting it was to go to a proper grown-up party, without the children?  It was almost like life before children – until we had to leave before midnight so I could breastfeed the baby.  Back to reality!


14 thoughts on “Freya’s Fabulous Fortieth Dress

  1. Howdy lara, Nice to see you ! That dress fits so well, I love how you say “then do a full bust adjustment to the pattern piece.” I wish I could one of those to my body sometimes LOL.
    The dress looks fantastic and you scrub up magnificently.

  2. What a beautiful well made dress- it fits you so well too. I love the way you keep your fabric stash. Mine is in various drawers and trunks which can be a bit tricky when I play “hunt THAT fabric”. LOL

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