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Door stops

The last of my Christmas gift sewing is done – YIPPEE!  A host gift for my aunt and uncle who will be having the family en masse on Christmas Day.

It’s a modified version of the Nine Patch Door Stop by Elizabeth Green at Oh, Fransson!  What a terrific tutorial!  I didn’t have enough time to do the patchwork front, so just used a feature fabric and quilted it (and the back of the doorstop, in the same quilting design).  It’s filled with beans (it takes quite a lot) and has a zipper at the bottom so it can be emptied for washing.  I’m going to make loads more of these – they’re useful and attractive.  Actually, I made one the same for me.

My presser foot mechanism on my sewing machine gave up the ghost just as I was completing the last seams of the door stop.  It is now booked in for a service.  No wonder!

6 thoughts on “Door stops

  1. You know you’ve really inspired me, Lara…. I can’t stop thinking of making doorstops now!! It’s something I’d never thought to make …despite having doors that slam shut every time we open the front/back door.

    Oh – and that Z&S fabric is still sitting on my cutting table, looking pretty! Too pretty for me to decide what to do with it.

  2. ….and another thing….. If you need to BORROW a sewing machine while yours is being serviced – or use the industrial one to save your poor machine from further damage – let me know.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies (and the offer of a machine Nikki, that’s fantastic!). Luckily my poor old Pinnock is being serviced TODAY and I should have it back in a few hours time. There are two children’s dresses waiting to be put together … hang on, there’s always the overlocker!

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