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Make-up purses

Nikki gave me this lovely little kit & pattern for make-up purses (although I’ve made plenty of bags, I hadn’t made any purses like this with zippered tops before).  Here is the result!

I really like the boxed corners – it means that these little purses hold much more than those made from two square rectangles.  Both are lined with contrasting fabric (should have photographed the inside too, I suppose.  Too late now!)  I’ll be whipping up LOADS of these in the months ahead to add to the “little gift” stash.  The tissue cozies have come into their own as teacher gifts etc already, and I think that these would fit the bill perfectly as well.

You can find the pattern here: (just scroll down a little).  By the way – Happy Birthday Nikki!

6 thoughts on “Make-up purses

  1. Just made one of these up today with my new “Chocolate Lollypop” fabric from Z&S…. I used fine wadding (H630) behind the interfacing, and it worked a treat. Usually I go for JUST fabric and interfacing, but the wadding oomphed it up a bit (without being too bulky to sew around the zipper ends, as the thicker wadding can be). Thought I’d share the tip.

    Oh- and Melanie – they look really nice in Japanese fabric!! Get thee to a sewing machine!!!

  2. Thanks Nikki! I actually thought that some thin wadding might be nice . . . great to hear that it worked well! And you finally had the courage to cut into the Chocolate Lollipop fabric – I’m about to do the same for a dress for Clare!

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