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Would you like this bag if you were a teenage boy?

Well, let’s hope that teenage boys do like bags like this one – it’s a Christmas present for my nephew (who is pretty unlikely to be reading his aunt’s craft & sewing blog).

Yes, it’s more of the Ikea fabric.  The pattern is the large Slouch bag by Nicole Mallalieu.  The outer fabric has been fused with wadding, there are interior pockets and key fob, and the adjustable strap is made from webbing.

Here’s the other side:

Guys have things that they need to carry in bags too, I figured!  There’s plenty of room inside for his stuff, and the adjustable strap and soft shape make it easy to wear across the body while cycling.  Fingers crossed that he likes it!

Edited to add:  He REALLY liked it!  Wow!  What a success!  I’m so pleased.

6 thoughts on “Would you like this bag if you were a teenage boy?

  1. Lara, I had a look at the Nicole website – are her patterns easy to follow? I have an Amy Butler pattern, but the different terminology for stuff confuses me, so maybe an Aussie pattern would describe things that we can actually buy here. Also, did you buy the webbing as one strap ie did it come with the plastic bits already to sew as a handle?

  2. Hi Bron,
    I really like Nikki’s patterns – I may be biased though, since she is a friend. They’re really well explained in Australian terminology with diagrams etc. Nikki also sells the supplies – I bought the webbing, plastic slide, and plastic “rings” from her as well. They didn’t come as a set though. Drop her an email – she’ll be happy to answer any questions! I’ve used three of her patterns now, and have had great results.

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