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I stumbled across this post while wandering through the blogosphere – and inspiration struck!  Thirty minutes, a headband and an old curtain later, we had this:

Who’s a happy girl?  She’s been asking for a veil for ages – and since there was plenty of curtain left, I thought that a matching skirt wouldn’t go astray.  But is she a little young for bridal indoctrination?

2 thoughts on “Dress-ups

  1. What a sweet bride you have…what a wonderful idea. I just got a new vintage sewing machine and this would be fun…I have a couple of little girls that would LOVE this! Though my 8 year old told me today she is NOT getting married…as how can you have children when you are a famous archeologist? lol

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    *in process to another adoption, this time to Guatemala- come meet us!

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