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Bevy of bibs

More Christmas presents completed.  Yay!  A bevy of bibs!  Warning: there are lots of photos in this blog post!  From the front:

And the back:

These are all from a fantastic free pattern and tutorial from Nicole Mallalieu Design – the Fabulous Fifties bib.  I used fabric from my stash, backed with either flannelette or towelling (both also from my stash from when I made fitted nappies for Clare).  They’re all bound in bias binding, some bought and some I made myself.  (Don’t look too closely though – I ran out of bias for one of the bibs so it isn’t quite finished yet – on my to-do list for tomorrow).  The pattern also has the option for a front pocket.  I like this style because of the coverage it provides – and because it’s cute!

And for some close-ups of the front and back:

Four are for gifts; the others will be for Miss Stella.  We asked her to choose which she’d like.

Wow, look at all these bibs!  Which would I like?  Hmmmm

I think that this one looks good!

Yes, I’ll have this one please!

19 thoughts on “Bevy of bibs

  1. Lara , very very proffessional bibs – they almost make me wish we had some babies in the family – actually who am i kidding , I am always wishing there were babies in the family.- not from me though.
    Miss stella is a girl of good taste I see.

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial link!!!! I love all of the bibs that you’ve made, the fabrics that you used are just gorgeous… I also love the little tag that you’ve sewn on the back, where do you get them made at?? I’d love to get some made to put on the handmade xmas gifts that I’ve made this year.

  3. It constantly amazes me how we seem to be doing very similar sewing/craft projects at the same time- I started on a couple bibs for Hali a few days ago and ended up making six more. Mine are awaiting bias tape as some of the curvy bits are a bit wonky.

    Yours are MUCH nicer than mine- then again your skill level is MUCH higher than mine!

    Miss Stella has excellent taste and is SO darn CUTE!

  4. Your bibs are SO cute! Thanks for the pattern link too. Great fabric choices. Can I also ask ahat nappy pattern you used… I would really like to make some fitted nappies for my daughter but I need a tip for a good pattern!

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments! Regarding fitted nappy patterns – I used both of these: http://www.ottobredesign.com/en/print/pdf/vaippa_en.pdf and http://www.geocities.com/rew4birth/Diapers.html. Eventually I combined the two patterns to have a shape that fitted Clare better. There’s a bit of trial and error involved because children’s shapes differ so much. I enjoyed making them though – they’re not difficult, and it’s quite satisfying! I’ll be using them on Stella once she’s a bit bigger, but they’re currently on loan to another friend. I’ll post photos when I get them back!

  6. Whoops, some other questions I didn’t answer!

    Nikki, the “little housewife” print was a fat quarter I bought from eBay before I discovered Z&S Fabrics – so I’m not sure who designed the fabric.

    Jodie, the “thornberry” labels come from R. Draper and Co – try this link – http://www.apparellabels.com.au/dordsegst2.html – I bought them online (delivery took a little while though).

    Thanks again to all for the bib love! And beautiful baby love too, of course!

  7. They look gorgeous all lined up like that. Thanks for the link Lara. Makes me all gooey thinking about my babies and how they have grown up. I could have done with a bib pattern back then. God knows I went through so many with a chucky baby.

  8. Oh, I love your bibs! I am newer to sewing and wanted to tackle some. I hope I can manage these, they are so cute. Our orphanage sent us a list of needs, one was for bibs…need to go gather supplies and get sewing!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. Was really excited to try this. Sadly this pattern is no longer free. If you still have the free pattern off, could you email it to me?? These are just so very cute!

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