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Cushions for Christmas

Four done!  Two of these are Christmas presents; the bottom two are for me (yes, I know, I don’t need them, but I do love that chenille and those fabrics).

Although the recipients of the top two cushions don’t read this blog, their mother does – so I won’t show them in all their glory until after Christmas.

But here are the other two!  One side:

And the other:

Once again I used the fantastic tutorial from house on hill road for the zippers.  I prefer to have cushion covers that can be removed for washing.  The vintage chenille is from Jodie, of course, the apple fabric was from Spotlight ages ago, and I think that the fabric with the elegant ladies is by Michael Miller.  Cushion covers are so satisfying to make! 


8 thoughts on “Cushions for Christmas

  1. Making pillows is fun! I just recovered two, plus made two new ones in the past few weeks. I loved them so much that I started working on recovering my huge floor cushions that are in the living room for sitting on while playing games and such. I bought some suede cheap this week and knew just what to do with it!

    Those pillows are so fantastic! I love them all. New pillows are so perfectly plump and soft- I hate it when they go flat. I’ve been opening some old pillows up and fluffing them a bit lately, then sewing them back up. It works really well. What can I say- I am a little OCD…

  2. Great cushions Lara – I love that apple fabric too. Again Spotlight have been excelling themselves lately. Thanks for the lovely comment on my pencil roll. I’ve been spying the elephant as well, just have to pluck up the courage to deal with the gussett part! I saw yours and it’s beautiful.

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