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The blog has been quiet for the past week, but I’ve been busy working on a few projects at once.  Here is the first completed one – the “Snap” purse!

I am lucky enough to occasionally be a test sewer for my friend Nikki of Nicole Mallalieu Design, who designs bag patterns.  The Snap purse is one of her latest designs and will be out  very soon.

I haven’t used a purse frame before, or bag feet, so this was a challenge for me!  I think that it has turned out quite well.

The fabric is from the Freshcut range by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit.  The purse is fully interfaced, and has a layer of wadding throughout.  The base contains template plastic and heavy-weight interfacing.  The bag feet were pretty easy to install.  The purse frame took me a bit more thought, but I think that it is the sort of thing that you get the knack of with practice.  I have another frame just waiting for my next try!

I love the design!  Very cute and retro.  It’s also a great size – the frame is 300mm wide.  Next time I’ll do contrasting straps, base and lining. 

Thanks Nikki!  Lots of fun, with a cute result!  You know that I love your patterns!

18 thoughts on “Snap

  1. Cutey-wootey! That’s a fantastic result from a gal who’s never “framed” before!!! I’m impressed! Thanks for trying it out for me.

    Love the fabric,too (…and just for a change, I don’t seem to have bought that one yet!)

  2. I have been dying to create my own frame purse for quite some time..but I can’t seem to be able to find a frame anywhere!! Where did you get this one? It is perfect for what I have in mind!

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