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Laptop sleeve

Yes, hubby, I’ve made a sleeve for your laptop!

An appropriate fabric choice for a computer, I think!  It’s a company laptop – do you think that I can claim the fabric and materials as a tax deduction?

There is a layer of wadding inbetween the outer fabric and the lining.  The sleeve is mainly to protect the laptop from scratches in hubby’s briefcase (there are lots of other hard objects in there as well) rather than to protect it from shock etc, so it didn’t have to be too thick.  I wish I’d put the velcro closure closer to the edge of the flap – I may still move it.  Although the actual sewing was easy, coming up with my own pattern wasn’t!  It fits nice and snugly.  I experimented with the lining fabric then used it as the pattern for the outer fabric once I got the measurements right.


18 thoughts on “Laptop sleeve

  1. Thats great Lara and I am jealous of all the fabrics from the US – I have some of those letters abut am hoarding them.
    I vote the pleat skirt – I am aiming to wear skirts this summer so will be keen to see how it goes !

  2. Once again, a bang up job! Shhh, don’t tell my husband. He has a nicely official laptop bag from (he works there) but I’m worried that if he figures out that we could be persuaded to make nicer ones, I might be put on the spot for one too.

    I have another question for you – I vaguely remember when you got your thornberry tags, and absolutely have fallen in love with them now seeing them in place on this. Could you share with us where you purchased them?

    Oh – and rather than moving the velcro – just add a second strip. It will make the adhesion stronger anyway since the velcro will pick up all the bits and pieces of fluff and junk that will accumulate at the bottom of his briefcase over time anyway.

  3. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

    Kattitudes, the thornberry tags are from – I ordered them online. They were quite reasonably priced. I just did a search for woven labels – there were a few Australian suppliers. Good luck!

    Jennbenn – the initials are from a Moda range called “basic building blocks” – the fabric comes as a panel with upper and lower case letters. I just cut them out and appliqued! I bought the fabric from They’re great, aren’t they!

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