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Sensory tag blanket

Wow, three posts in one day!  I must be trying to avoid doing other tasks like ironing or preparing our tax return.  Anyway, to return to the point of this post, I’ve just finished off this tag blanket.

It’s a little different to the one that I made for Stella because it is for a friend’s six-month old bub who is blind.  I needed to make sure that it had plenty of variety in texture and even in sound.

Each of the blue cord pieces is layered with a different thickness of plastic, so the blanket has different crinkly noises at each end.  The patchwork side includes towelling, chenille in different patterns and textures, fake fur, felt, tulle, satin, sueded fabric, embroidery and some weird yellow textured fabric that I inherited from a friend’s mother. 

The tags are made from ribbon, elastic, lace, ric-rac, leather, cord and velcro.  And of course, there’s a little tag in there made from a “Thornberry” label.  Here’s hoping that this is a successful baby toy!

13 thoughts on “Sensory tag blanket

  1. Yes but all three post are worththe time… I adore your sensory blankets and you can tell that you put such thought and love into it! I think they are wonderful. Zoe had a book when she was little witht he little tags, but I think when we have another I must make one of these lovly blankies!

  2. I also want to know if I am able to get a pattern for this super great blanket??? I am going to make 3 for Christmas and I love how you did yours!!! Any help would be much appreciated!! Good job on these blankies!!

  3. I work as an Intervener to a young DeafBlind student. I have several textures, but never thought to sew them together.
    Wonderful idea. I love to sew so I will be busy this Super Bowl Sunday.
    Also, I have made taggies for my Grandchildren and they love them.

    Thanks for the idea! I am always amazed at the ingenuity people have for adapting everyday things.

  4. I love this! I was considering making one of my own. Do you sell them? I am caring for a blind/deaf child that is 11 months. He would love it. He always pulls on his blanket. Thought I had seen one in the store, but I like that yours has many different tags.
    Let me know if you sell them.

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