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Larger Than Life bag progress continues

I have finally joined the squares together, so now have two sides for the Larger Than Life bag.  The sides and bottom gusset are in progress.  I was a bit naughty and rather than blocking properly I just steam ironed the sides – gulp!  Very lazy, but I figured that once the entire bag is constructed it will all fit together nicely.  Here are photos of each side:

Larger than Life Bag Side 1

Larger than Life Bag Side 2

My aim for the next few weeks is to finish off incomplete projects before starting something new.  Well, it’s good to have an aim . . . I wonder if this one is realistic?  That means that I have to finish these:

* Larger Than Life bag

* pram rug

* embroidered dress for Stella

* embroidered dress for Clare

* blouse for me

* and I suspect that there are a few other incomplete sewing projects somewhere hiding in the cupboards.

By the way, my sister-in-law really liked her slouch bag!

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