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Megan’s Bag

Happy 40th Birthday Megan!  Although you haven’t yet received your present, I know that you’re unlikely to be reading blogs today – so I am free to post it for everyone else!  My apologies for the quality of the photography (due to the photographer – me – more than the camera).

Megan's bag 2

And the other side:

Megan's bag 1

The fabric is from Ikea, the pattern is Simplicity 4668, view B, and I fused a thin layer of wadding to the body of the bag.  The handles have been lengthened and also have wadding, there is topstiching throughout, pockets added to the inside and the bag closes with a magnetic snap.

Megan's bag inside

It’s really difficult to take effective photos of the inside of bags!  Tips welcomed!

I’ve almost finished the other birthday bag, so stay tuned for that one!  Today I’m off to the Breastfeeding Support Service again with Stella, so I may well get a little more crochet done while she’s asleep.  Hopefully this will be the last trip there – things are improving, but since she’s 7 1/2 weeks old, we’d certainly hope so!

One thought on “Megan’s Bag

  1. I don’t mean to make you blush, but WOW! I. Love. That. Bag. I want it! I was debating whether I really needed to go to Ikea this weekend or not, and I think that I must go just for the fabric alone! I love great bags and I love great black and white prints. So you can imagine how much I like that bag! I keep telling myself I will start making myself some bags, but I just never get around to it. Great job with the bag!

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