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What I’ve been reading

While many of you have been reading Harry Potter, I’ve been browsing these books and magazines over the past week or so.

I wonder how many of the projects within them are likely to come to fruition?  “Designer Smocking” has the most adorable children’s clothing – but I’ve never done any smocking!  I figure that since I can embroider (although I don’t do it often) I should be able to smock.  We’ll see!  I still have two unfinished embroidery projects from “Inspirations” sitting upstairs waiting to be completed – one started while Clare was still a baby – if I don’t get a move on soon Stella won’t fit into it either!

“The A-Z of Crochet” is an excellent crochet resource.  I am certain that it is going to be well used over the years.

And I love “Threads” and “Australian Stitches”!  I subscribe to both, and find that they often have excellent advice, tips and hints that assist in the quality of my sewn projects.

I’m enjoying browsing through these, although I’d love to be reading Harry Potter . . . but that would require extended periods of time and concentration . . . not likely to be found in this household at the moment . . .

3 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading

  1. You can read the book! Just a few pages at a time, like a magazine! With a VERY active three year old daughter, I still managed- I just snatched time between chores and meals. We played lots of games that involved me sitting next to her while she played so I could read…

    I love the looks of that smocking magazine too! I’ve been working on my embroidery skills and crochet skills- the library is a great resource!

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