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Baby tag blanket

Woohoo, I’ve made something!  A baby tag blanket for Stella.

I’d seen these on the web in various shops, selling for quite a significant amount of money, and thought that “I can make one of those, surely”.  It was super quick and easy!  This one measures about 33cm by 45 cm (13 x 18 inches), has chenille (from Polka Dot Chenille) on one side and printed flannelette on the other.  I used a variety of ribbons to give as much contrasting colour and texture as was available in my stash.

How to make it?  Cut out two rectangles or squares, pin the folded ribbons (mine vary in length from about 4 to 6 inches unfolded) on the right side of one piece of fabric with the cut edges of the ribbon on the edge of the fabric, then place the other piece of fabric on top, right sides together, sandwiching the ribbon inbetween, and sew around the outside.  Make sure that you leave a big enough opening to turn it!  Once turned, sew up the opening, and you’re done! 

These can be made in whatever size that you like.  This one obviously isn’t big enough to be a real “blanket” to cover a baby; it’s a size that she can cuddle up to and play with the tags (because we’ve all seen how babies tend to play with the tags on toys more than the toy itself).  This one will fold up easily to fit in the nappy bag and to be manageable for a baby.  I think that I might pop this one down my top for a couple of hours to get that “mummy smell” into it and then it may be a handy comforter for Stella.

I think that these will go onto my mental list of good quick presents to make for new babies.

Edited to add:  I later made a sensory tag blanket for a bub who is blind.

15 thoughts on “Baby tag blanket

  1. Your tag blanket is great. My son would love something like that.
    I just saw the tag baby toys online a few weeks ago.
    You know its their favorite part of everything.
    I’m sure Stella loves it.

  2. My daughter loved her tag book when she first learned to grab. I often thought about how easy it would be to just make it, but never did. I will definitly need to log this one away for any future babies in my life.

  3. aha !!! I had seen these but didn’t actually get what they were about. Thanks Lara, now it makes perfect sense ! I had to giggle at you walking about with a blankie stuffed down your top .

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  5. Hi, I love the tag blankets and stories. I am putting together a museum exhibition with video and photos including stories from people of all ages about their “lovies”, security, safety, comfort , and transitional objects. Please get in touch with me if you or anyone you know would like to share their story about their object at my email address. I have also started a FACEBOOK fan page: COMFORT OBJECTS which people are welcome to join. Best wishes, kathy levitt

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